John Yao is a wedding, fashion, and lifestyle photographer based out of Los Angeles. His work was most recently published in Bridal Guides' Fall 2017 issue. John's art is deeply inspired by the influence of modern art, fashion, and a healthy amount of photojournalism. Couples have described his highly refined style of wedding photography as sexy-edgy-chic-bold-bright-punchy-classic-and brilliantly narrative...there's probably more but this writer forgets.

Wedding photography is a tricky passion. It's a lot more than technical camera stuff, fancy lighting, cookie-cutter methods and fad-driven special effects. It's about capturing timeless, storytelling shots that will still look good a decade from now. It's about pulling out all the stops and bending over backward just to get that o-m-g shot. To capture the candid and unrehearsed moments John can be pretty ninja; you wont see him. But it's when he gets to step up and compose the creative shots that he comes alive.

A boutique wedding artist, John Yao personally polishes every photograph he creates. By holding off on corner-cutting automation, we possess a firm grip on the quality and consistency we're known for. To that end, SimplyTwo Photography invests on average, 100 hours to perform a full & proper edit for each wedding. SimplyTwo couples deserve the best, so while we'd love to book up every day of every weekend...we won't. Low volume keeps the quality where it needs to be: unquestionably high.

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