Kristie & Lawrence Wedding Day Creatives

10:30 AM

Wedding Day Creatives…these are the images that excite me. Kristie and Lawrence, thank you for bringing me into your adventure. Frolicking with you guys in the midst of your ‘i-dos’…a freaking privilege.


This subset of wedding photos go by many names: bride & groom portraits, framables/mantle worthy, thankyoucard-grade, heroes, romantics…the good stuff. These are the types of shots where I am tasked step up and directly offer input in executing and composing.

I like them because they are hard; I can’t wing it.

A rush…one that is WAAAY different than the candid stuff one just captures as it happens. Because here, the key is to thoughtfully interpret two souls on the biggest day of their life, during an ultrasmall and ever shrinking window of time in the middle of a whirlwind wedding. I’m told these are the shots that couples end up going back to the most. Pretty. Interesting.


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