Last Shot: Sea of Stars Meet Magical Trees

12:39 PM

This weekend with Tiff and Matt was too flippin good. There we were...standing in the parking lot saying our goodbyes and minding our own business when a pair of magical trees said "Sup, look how good we look against this starlit sky."

We felt compelled to follow…
It’s an obsession of mine to close out weddings with completely unplanned superclutch shots that I probably won’t ever get again even if I tried. Due to the multitude of impossibly random factors that converge to make each photo: time of year, time of day, position of moon, and clarity of sky, accessibility, and of course client vision and cooperation especially after a LONG day…I’m just glad when it works!!! Thankfully, all those came together this weekend.

And it was good.

I’m going to be asleep for the next 4 days to prep for my next adventure. No one bother me. Peace out.

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