SF Encore. City Hall with Jessica & Jin

1:10 PM

To think that my flight that day almost got canceled. Flights to San Francisco usual do, especially in terribad weather. Pretty glad it didn’t. =)

You see, rain is a funny thing. On the surface it’s kinda gross. Cold, wet, and drab against a colorless sky? Doesn't exactly sound all that great, and in the context of ultrasexy wedding photos? Get out. But let’s dig a little deeper shall we; let’s just…believe.

It’s true. While the absence of the sun strips the sky of it’s usual color, in its absence is an absolutely amplified wake of vibrancy from literally everything else: street lamps, tire-kissed puddles of water, city lights, reflected headlights to name a few. It’s all so good it tickles my insides. And speaking of inside, how about San Francisco’s sweeping city hall interior? My goodness. So much grandeur in one space is so not fair, but homey I will take it.

Jessica and Jin, my wonderful couple…thank you for brining me on this adventure with you guys. Your willingness to brave both the elements on a rough day in SF and the foot-traffic dense photoshoot jungle that is city hall was remarkable. For an utterly crowded space, you guys made it your own. And I love you for it.


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