The San Jose Rotunda Wedding

12:50 PM

wow…Alex and Patrice, photographing your wedding was like having an unlimited supply of craft boba milk tea. Delicious. Actually, it was exactly that. =)

You and your crew, you owned the space. Utterly. A high energy bunch, open to my oft random ideas and joyfully along for the visual ride. And it was a good thing since there are so few spaces like the Rotunda; clean and resplendent light saturating an open space of all glass and metal. I felt it impossible not to feel compelled to explore every facet of it's bespoken architecture…but, and all, within the context of you two cuties getting married.

Thank you guys for being weird with me; y’all are freaking beautiful and I love you. TGIF.



Patrice & Alex share some words:

"Newly engaged? Hire John Yao as your wedding photographer!

I came across John’s work since he and my brother are college buddies and he ended up shooting my brother’s wedding. Fast forward a year and a half, once A and I were engaged there were two things that we knew. #1: A wanted milk tea catered at the wedding. #2: I wanted John as our photographer. We had our priorities.

We first contacted John 10 months before our wedding and luckily were able to book him for our wedding date! He first initiated a video chat with us to get some input on our personal style and then would promptly respond to all of our email inquiries. Come engagement session photos, John kept A and I at ease with his fun and quirky personality…though be sure to budget extra time for dog encounters as John will greet every dog that comes his way. He does not need any micromanaging: We had a general location (Golden Gate Park and Sutro Baths in SF), and John was able to make the most random path into an artist’s set.

When it came wedding time, John was not just prompt but came AHEAD of schedule to get some extra shots. He is efficient when directing our group photos and guides us into authentic poses. Following the wedding, I asked John for a couple photos for thankyou cards and he sent over 20! We got our full wedding photo set about 4 months after the wedding and I couldn’t be happier with the product. The pictures speak for themselves – they’re clean and vibrant and capture A and I looking relaxed and joyful. I have no regrets hiring John – he’s a professional, photo nerd, artist, and friend."

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