Let’s Play at the Park–The Wu’s

1:28 PM

turns out...children are pretty darn cool =)


Shifting gears over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a few extra-curricular art projects outside of my usual realm of ultragorgeous brides. Admittedly, I am at my core, a wedding photographer and every consideration of space, light, and aesthetic execution is influenced by this.  I come from a world that is precisely well-planned; each day a calculated visual adventure with itineraries resembling a complex tapestry of all things wedding. It’s what I know, and it’s under these conditions that I thrive.

Children on the other hand? They will take that tapestry, roll around in it and wear it as a cape to infinity and beyond. =)

And as an artist tasked to create strong images…that is a beautiful.terrifying.exciting truth. There’s a certain freedom, a joy even, in knowing that your best laid plans will ultimately be at the mercy of someone whose only care in the world is to, well, not care. Amazing. And if I’ve learned anything from these sessions it’s this:

Let the kids be kids, great photos will eventually follow. 

This has been the case with every family session I’ve done to date, and it was certainly true with the Wu family, a family with whom my adventure started many years ago when they got engaged, capturing their wedding, and today…throwing leaves with their daughter! We really couldn’t have planned this session any better, actually, we didn’t plan it at all. And it was perfect.

ps, thanks for letting my bring me dog. best shoot ever.


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