Goodmorning Cali–Briana & Brandon’s Destination Engagement Session!

1:33 PM

Today I get to brag about Briana and Brandon, a superchill Arizona couple whom prior to meeting for this session, played the most-excellent game of email volleyball with me! For their set we would end up meeting at dawn on the last day of their pilgrimage to SoCal. The location? A special open space near the Laguna coast. Though spatially familiar, I found myself curiously tickled by a sunset-quality light…but from the opposite direction?! What sorcery it was!…

Beautifully disorienting but ridiculously good. Major kudos to these two, as their relaxed demeanor made for an effortlessly adorable photoshoot. Methinks seeing them get married is going to be cool and soon I'll get to visit their hometown to pair my lens kungfu to their I-do’s.

So much yes.

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