When it Rains–Destination Michigan Wedding Preview

6:37 PM

We had every reason not to get this shot.

I Hope it Rains on Your Wedding Day_SimplyTwo

It was 10pm with a very high chance of rain within the hour. The Tridge lights we off so we'd have only the moon and a trusty flashlight to navigate the dark.

5 minutes into the set, you guessed it...rain. Heavy rain. But we were already committed and what foolishness it would have been to ignore the brilliant streaks backlit nature against all 'dat light!

I will never forget the rush of that 100 yard sprint back to the hotel with Lizzy and Aaron. Under the deluge of a sudden Michigan storm the dress and tux were wrecked. But the payoff, huge.

We had every reason not to get this shot. But we did.

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