A Day of Espresso & Puppies–Michelle & James’ Engagement Session

12:58 PM

It was early Spring.

Michelle and James were visiting LA so we decided to spend an afternoon touring LA to demonstrate their engaged-ness in photo form!


Taking pictures all afternoon is no joke so we coffee’d up with Lavender & Honey while enjoying private access to Bacchus Kitchen’s gorgeous dining space to escape the crowds. (BIG BIG BIG thank you to Lavender & Honey's Melanie and Bacchus’ Chef Claud for the accommodations!)

A trip to LA is rarely complete with some beachside shenanigans so our next stop: Santa Monica, where we found an adorable puppy-prop (thank you to the owners of the puppy I never got your name!), enjoyed some basketball, and dipped our feet in the icy waves. On the way home our final stop brought us to LACMA’s iconic lights, though quite crowded that night, still gave us an incredibly strong close to the set.

Michelle and James, it’s time. Let’s get you kiddos married!


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