A Day in the Life–Joyce & James Engaged!

1:55 PM

Boutique pastries, exploring a vast giant forest, a breathtaking vista…an adventure with the amazing Joyce and James as they take me on a tour of San Francisco.


The day started with what I call a “5-Minute Flight”, that is, when one falls asleep before takeoff and wakes up to the jolt of a multi-ton jet hitting the runway. Daytrips to the Bay have become commonplace here at SimplyTwo. And rightfully so. The visual textures, landmarks, and spatial curiosities of San Francisco have lent to some of my strongest photosets and I thoroughly enjoy these mini excursions.

Our first destination of the day brought us to Golden Gate Park. Its HUGE expanse of manicured greens presented shot after shot of space-defining lushness. With potential beyond what could be covered in one day, we blanketed the the park with as many shots as we could before venturing into the city for some much needed coffee. It wasn’t just any coffee shop though, rather it was the very spot where these two had their first date, B. Patisserie! Oh how far these two have come =)

And with my airtaxi a few hours away, we found ourselves hiking in heels at Pacifica’s Mori Point where it’s rocky cliffs and open space still largely remain untouched by man…a crazy thought when you consider San Francisco being a mere 40 minutes away.

With a session this strong, I can only imagine they game they’ll bring to their upcoming wedding. I’m excited. Let’s do this.

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