Must Love Dogs– A Day in the Life of Jenna & Mitch

4:31 PM

It started with a single high five.

Mitch and Jenna hold a special place in my heart. It's story time: A third of our lives ago back in university, Mitch and I adventured our days as serendipitously paired roomates at UCSD. It was a Sunday afternoon, the day I finally pooled all available financial aid money and purchased my first proper camera (second hand of course, but still useable). Mitch knew how grueling and depressing the search was (being broke + expensive gear is a terrible combo) and would often help in the search for deals. This process went on for months, so if you can imagine the wide-eyed excitement on his face when I walked into our common area that evening, camera victoriously in hand…yeah it was awesome. No words, just an elated nod followed by a high-five of support I would remember to this day. He was and is a true friend-turned bother and from day one, he was there cheering on this photography passion from that dormroom desk. Not long after, the love his life Jenna came into the picture and they’ve been apart never since.

Picking up the camera for these two…what a fantastic privilege. We spent the day in San Diego with their two fur babies Saya and Yuki. Balboa Park, pizza and bubbly, and finally getting wrecked by salt and seawater at the beach. Pretty much a perfect afternoon and a great warmup for their upcoming wedding. Guys, if you can’t tell…these two are a huge deal to me. Huge. I can’t even being to say how hard I plan to art the $%!# out of their photos. Not even hyping this up. It’s going to be that good. Just you wait and see.

Mitch and Jenna I freaking love you guys. Let’s get you married.

0002_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0003_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0004_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0005_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0006_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0007_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0008_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0009_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0010_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0011_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0012_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0013_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0014_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0015_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0016_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0017_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0018_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0019_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0020_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0021_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0022_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0023_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0024_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0025_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0026_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0027_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0028_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography0029_must-love-dogs_simplytwo-photography(Above: Circa 2003)

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