A Day in the Life of Ruby & Jeff–An Orange County Engagement Session

1:03 AM

Photography is a wonderful tool to narrative life.

Though my first meeting with Ruby and Jeff was via Facetime, it felt like we’d been friends forever. Our dozens of emails and random messages leading up to the “creative-planning-meeting” as I like to call it, made the chat effortless as we dove right into some truly novel ideas for their soon-to-happen engagement session.

It’s about focusing. Focusing on what people are all about: their hobbies, their passions…what makes them, well, them! For Ruby and Jeff it was the desire for travel, outdoor adventuring, and just general chill-time together. Being the handy folks they are, the two set out and DIY’d their own multi-directional sign! Holy smokes who does that??? They do.

And being avid mountain bikers, we knocked out a series of ADORABLE shots in the field with their actual gear, sipped some wine, and hit the beach for some smooth OC waves before a final stop at downtown LA.

Such an awesome couple; I can’t believe I get to photograph their wedding. =)

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