A Day in the Life–Cindy & Brian’s Engagement Session

11:54 AM

Wow. I’m freaking excited.

Been quietly sitting on Cindy and Brian’s tour of San Diego engagement shoot for many weeks now…waiting for the perfect moment to drop this set. And with their wedding a week away, it’s prime time, baby.

For Cindy and Brian’s set I really wanted to focus on the themes that made them, well, them! We explored their favorite pastimes, cherished sports rivalries, and treasured landmarks around the town they call home: San Diego. My favorite shot was actually our first one of the day: Brian is apparently VERY skilled at carnival-based games of skill, so much so, that he amassed an entire room full of stuffed animals for his beloved Cindy. What better way to honor this narrative than two kids in love, swimming in a sea of animal friends?


I hope you guys enjoy this set as much as I did creating it. This summer is proving to be insanely fun so far and I am already preparing my mind for the upcoming rush.

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