A Day in the Life–Jenn & Aaron’s Engagement Session!!

2:14 PM

0003_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography
It started with a quiet stroll-about in downtown Redondo.

Decked in scrubs with comfy shoes fitted, Jenn and Aaron took me on a tour of their quiet beachside town. It could have been like any other day really, and to me…that was beautiful. If the idea of engagement photos is to demonstrate one’s engagedness to another within the context of their everyday…I think their outfit of choice was utterly brilliant.

Between saving lives and life-ing together (yup, it’s a word I made up), my goal was to capture and harmonize those two themes in our short afternoon adventure. With the sun beginning its descent we made our way down to the beach for a bit of splashing and relaxing before catching a breathtaking series of night photos around the bustling pier.

Jenn and Aaron, thank you for being so good at being so adorable together! With your wedding coming up in a few short days I’m crazy excited to pick up the camera for you two again. This weekend is going to be insane. See you soon =)

0005_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0001_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0002_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0004_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0006_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography

TL/DR: It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you rock it. =)
 0007_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0008_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0009_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0010_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0011_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0012_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0013_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0014_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0015_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0016_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0017_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0018_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0019_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0020_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography0021_redondo engagement_simplytwo-photography

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