Christy & Ian’s Hike of Champions – The Engagement Session

11:39 AM


Still the very best part of being a wedding photographer…getting to be the third wheel for all romantic occasions.

Case in point, convincing Christy and Ian to let me tag along for the one hike ever where they would get all dressed-up and prettied for. Yes, of ALL the days to trail behind them with a camera bigger than my face, it would just happen to be the day they rocked sexy denim & coral against a sprawling landscape of stunning native Californian flora. =)

Christy and Ian, it’s been a solid adventure with you guys so far and thank you for bringing me on as your photographer. In a couple of days we get to do this again and I intend to shoot the lights out of the glorious day that will be your wedding.

Love you guys.

Great job being adorable together.

Making my job eaaaaasy! =)


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