SimplyTwo Photography 2017 – Wedding Calendar Full

2:14 PM

Los Angeles, CA., Feb 1, 2017 - SimplyTwo Photography has officially reached its 2017 acceptance goal for new wedding1 clients.

Closing out the wedding calendar2 this early is exciting; it allows for a meaningful shifting of energies away from marketing and towards an undiluted focus on just being insanely creative behind the camera.

This is a good thing.

To all my couples, THANK YOU for being a part of the adventure. I look forward to killing it for you guys.

To all the folks whose weddings I’ll miss, drop me a line…SimplyTwo's got a curated little black book of legit & talented vendors. I’ll personally tell you who the good ones are3.


1 Time permitting, special consideration may be given to weddings that tickle SimplyTwo Photography’s creative index. Getting married on a glacier? Engagement session on the Great Wall of China? Perhaps tigers and monkeys are involved…Yes please.

2 A very limited number of Fall & Winter 2017 Creative Sessions will be made available for Children & Family.
3 I do not recieve or expect cashmoney kickbacks from the vendors I recommend. Homey doesn’t play that game. Nope.

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