Rock Climbing, Stargazing, Burritos, and Beer–Chiyo & Ricky’s Engagement Session

12:24 AM

A day in the life of Chiyo and Ricky? It looks a bit like this…

Having planned their engagement session around their absolute favorite things, we started off the day with an intensive morning session of rock climbing followed by the immediate reward of visiting the Green Flash Brewery.

And after putting away a few pints of brew the two got hungry so it was off to Rigoberto’s on Miramar for a proper meal of carne asada fries and horchata. Problem was…we were only part way through the shoot when food coma set in, so we needed coffee;  and tons of it.

Luckily the good folks at Kettle Coffee & Tea came to the rescue so we spent the afternoon there reading random books and sipping bean until it was time to walk the wolf and stargaze on a giant rock. =)

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