Getting the Shot: Liana & Brandon in Downtown San Francisco – SimplyTwo Photography

11:26 AM

Make the most out of every visual opportunity.

Be on the lookout for cool shots. When you see an opening…absolutely go for it.

San Francisco SimplyTwo - Getting the Shot
I landed in San Francisco on a Friday afternoon. While Ubering to my quarters at the Omni, I found myself hypnotically drawn to the “leading-lines” of the city when crossing street intersections. Any intersections.

The long, linear convergence of roads & buildings coupled with ‘busyness’ of downtown’s financial district, was to me, the perfect representation of the city. Fast forward to Saturday, with their ceremony complete and the marriage official, I found myself the luxury of roughly 20 minutes to serve as a third-wheel. I needed to do something cool, and I needed to do it fast. With the sun setting quickly and traffic at a minimum, I asked Liana and Brandon if they’d be willing to rock the double-yellow lines for the sake of a poentially interesting photo. They said yes.

We saw an opening in traffic and sprinted out. All in, we spent about 4 minutes in that spot. Enveloped by wind, smog, and the indiscernible noise of speeding motorists, we got the shot. And it was good =)
SimplyTwo Behind the Scenes
Thanks to super gorgeous bridesmaid Nancy for snapping this awesome shot!!

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