West Los Angeles Engagement–Dorothy & Ivan!

3:17 PM

A Midcentury inspired morning, delicious rooftop brunching, and frolicking around LA’s most iconic beach: The proper way to enjoy West LA.

For Dorothy and Ivan’s engagement session, we started off the day shooting around their Palihouse Loft; an incredibly unique space nestled quietly in Santa Monica’s residentials. With some time to kill and hunger setting-in we ventured up to the Huntley’s Penthouse brunch spot, partly for the noms and partly for the crisp view of the beach extending all the way to Malibu. With the sunset rapidly approaching, we made our way down to the Pier and settled into the water till just past sundown.

I truly love Dorothy and Ivan’s engagement shoot for so many reasons. The variety kept things really interesting for me as I found myself surrounded by neat visual-finds no matter where we went and the nod to vintage aesthetic is something I hope to incorporate into my amateur furniture designs (in time…lol). In the end, I love exploring. I love even more, couples who are game to discover cool shots with me. These two are rad, and their wedding has me excited.

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