Jeremiah & Vanessa are Getting Married!–Engagement Session

1:02 PM

A few weeks ago Cindy and I spent the weekend with Jeremiah and Vanessa in San Diego. Our goal was simple:

1. To enjoy some good, quality time with our dear friends.
2. To visually demonstrate their Engaged-ness.
3. Eat hamburgers.

We kicked off the day with some brew at Little Italy’s Bird Rock, featuring Jason & Sylvia’s wedding donuts from the previous night (STILL GOOD), paid a visit to Old Town, and quite literally found a random field on the side of the road in which to frolic and be adorable. I can’t wait for this wedding...with these two, the photos pretty much take themselves and as a bonus Cindy gets to be a bridesmaid, which is hot.
0001_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0002_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0003_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0004_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0005_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0006_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0007_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0008_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0009_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0010_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0011_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0012_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0013_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0014_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0015_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0016_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0017_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography0018_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography
0019_coffee and open fields_simplytwo-photography

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