TGIF: We Have a New Temporary Friend!

1:05 PM

While hanging out on the porch last night, a small brown dog no bigger than our cat Mao, wandered up to us and said hello. It tried running away when I got up to pet it but couldn't get far or fast due to an apparent limp.

Based on its mannerisms, coat quality, movements, and smell (clean) we figured it wasn't a stay dog and hasn't been on the streets for very long.

After an hour of following the dog around our block we finally managed to get it into the garage where a temporary shelter was setup. It was either that, or coyotes.

I don't like coyotes.
I know it’s a long shot, but please reach out if:

-If you know anyone who lost a dog.
-If you would like to possibly take this dog in.
-If you have any extra dog food sitting around.

Not sure of the breed but possibly a Corgi/Mini Eskimo Mix!

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