Long Beach Airport Engagement Session–Wendy & Albert

1:45 PM

There is so much fun in discovery.

Specifically, finding interesting shots in places one wouldn’t necessarily expect. When Wendy and Albert suggested Long Beach Airport as a spot to visit for their engagement session, I immediately pulled up Google Street View to see how the space would look. With the Creative Planning done, we would end up netting tons of variety in an ambitious tour through the South Bay.

Visually, I’m thrilled with how their set combined the clean-minimalist feel of the airport’s design cues with the super saturated blooms of city lights at night. And in between, a zen-forward set at a sculpture garden + a healthy dose of post-rain skies and sand!

Goal: Make an airport beautiful. Done.


 Artist's Insight: Equipment & Creative Approach

Vistas + urban traffic + rapidly changing light = Opposites Attract. For this shoot I relied heavily on two lenses that fall opposite each other on the optical spectrum:

1. Wide Angle Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L ll : Many of my super wide angled shots of the beach and the hilltop would be very difficult to do without this lens. The wide perspective tends to my make my subjects smaller in the frame but since the goal is to capture them against the uniqueness of each space, it's perfect for it's intended purpose!

2. Zoom Telephoto Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II : Sometimes the best landscapes are actually captured with a zoom lens. Yes, a zoom...for those specific moments when you want smooth background blur and retain lots of landscape detail and be close enough to the subject to still call it a portrait. The trick is figuring out where to stand, how far to zoom, and angling the shot to accentuate a sharp falloff from the horizon!

Hope this helps!

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