Veranda House Wedding with Jenny & Yun–Manhattan Beach, CA

4:43 PM

0044_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photographyMy adventure with Jenny and Yun started on the sandy beaches of Santa Monica.

Palm trees + an ocean breeze paired to the vibrancy from the summer sun...the essence of what it’s like to live on the westest of coasts. Together with their dog QP, we knocked out a solid afternoon of engagement photos with an eager anticipation for the wedding that would soon follow.

The beach-centric theme carried over to their wedding at MB’s Veranda House, a lush-green setting with a touch of modernity throughout the space. Gorgeous pre-sunset light greeted us as we handled the Creatives at a nearby park before settling-in for the ceremony and dancing the night away.

Here are a few personal favorites from the day =)

0023_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography
0029_veranda-house-wedding_simplytwo0001_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0002_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0003_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0004_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0005_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0006_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0007_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0008_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0019_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography
0009_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0010_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0011_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0012_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0013_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0014_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0015_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0016_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0017_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0018_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0020_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0021_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0022_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0024_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0025_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0026_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0027_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0028_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0030_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0031_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0032_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0033_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0034_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0035_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0036_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0037_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0038_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0039_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0040_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0041_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0042_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0043_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0045_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0046_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0047_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0048_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0049_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0050_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0051_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0052_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0053_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0054_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0055_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0056_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0057_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0058_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography0059_veranda house wedding_simplytwo-photography
Jenny & Yun on what it was like to work with SimplyTwo:
We had John from SimplyTwo Photography do our engagement photos and wedding photos. He was very professional and friendly at the same time, very easy to work with. He figured out great spots to take pictures and gave us just enough direction. At the wedding he made sure to get all the family pictures and took lead to make sure we got all the pictures we needed in a timely fashion in order to keep the flow of the wedding going. The engagement photos he took were awesome and all our friends and family loved them. We haven't received the wedding photos yet, but are sure they will turn out great too.
We would definitely recommend John to anyone that is looking to have a great experience with a photographer.

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