Rusty the Red Golden aka the Best Videographer in San Francisco

11:18 AM

This post is purely dedicated to what may very well be, my favorite shoot to date. And it has nothing to do with photography.

A few weeks ago I shot Annie & Chris’ NYE2015 wedding at Treasure Island’s Winery. To my utter delight they included Rusty, their Red Golden Retriever who is in the prime of his silver years.

A champ the entire day, he patiently waited for the ceremony to begin so he could capture footage of his parents tying the knot. And at the reception afterwards, Rusty enjoyed his very own place at the bride & grooms head table. He may have peed on a wine barrel at some point in the night but no worries; he was simply claiming the wine for all the guests #partydog

Moral of the story: Dogs are family and should always be on the guest-list. And when venue policy prohibits, just remember why bribes are frowned upon…because they work =)

(Above) “Ok let’s get this started. I’m Hungry”

(Above) “I’m on break”

(Above) “What a day! I’m out. Leave the tripod.”

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