Family – A Creative Session with the Lee’s!

1:16 PM

This one was fun.

I flew out to AZ for the day to hang out with Justin, Donna, and their young son Ethan! They brought me to a few of their favorite locations where one my job was to ponder the simple question:

“What’s the coolest way these folks can occupy each of these unique spaces?”

These are my answers  below. To the Lee family, thanks for bringing me out to your hood. Next time I’ll see you in LA! =)



Artist's Insight: Equipment & Creative Approach

It's all about balance. Walking into this shoot I knew I'd be greeted by vast landscapes, mountain ranges, and lots of visually unique spaces in which I could nerd for days. But this was also a portrait session, so I needed a lens that could capture just enough interest in the surroundings but keep perfect focus on my main subject, the Lee's!

In the end, I found myself loving Canon's 85 1.2L II, with the majority of the session executed with this one lens. It's one of my favorites...and a long-time workhorse, so I just thought I'd share!

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