TGIF: A Year of Gratitude – Week 4/52 “ A Specific Member of the Family”

1:55 PM

Cats are all the rage on the internet nowadays. I can totally see why.
  • In 2008 Mao and I became best friends. I inherited him from my sister; he was about seven at the time. (The cat). Having Mao around has been nothing short of legendary.
  • He got along with the roommates, always hung around at the parties, and at times seemed to be the reason for some folks to visit the apartment. 
  • He’s endured at least 7 large-scale moves, one of which was international, multiple Vegas trips snuck in via disguised crate, and now spends his days curled up near the dog. 
  • At 15 years old, his age is now beginning to show: his movements are slower and deliberate, has largely given up on jumping, and audible clicks and creaks can be heard as he climbs the steps, any steps.
Internally, I’m preparing myself for the inevitable and for the past year I’ve made it a daily habit to say one singular phrase to him: “Mao, thanks for being alive today. Let’s have a good day together.”

I’d like to see him hit 20.

(Above) A similar shot to this one went viral last year. It was interesting.

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