Justine & Andy’s Engagement Session

12:43 PM

A: On an airplane.

Q: What was the most unique way you’ve met a wedding couple?

In the strangest bout of coincidence ever, I met Justine and Andy on a return flight from a destination wedding weekend. I boarded a bit early and snagged a window seat just before these two really good looking strangers decided to sit down next to me.  Browsing Facebook as the flight attendants had yet to ask us to stow our phones, I glanced over and noticed that my newsfeed matched that of my neighbor’s! As I processed this unbelievable glitch in the Matrix it hit me that both our newsfeeds highlighted the wedding of one of my engagement clients from a few months prior…their wedding was that very weekend but I wasn’t able to shoot it due to a prior booking =(

“OK John, keep it together. Say hi but don’t creep them out”, I thought to myself. And so I did. “Hey I totally don’t mean to be nosy…but is that who I think it is on your FB?” (paraphrased). And thus, a beautiful friendship had begun.

Justine and Andy’s engagement session was a fun day. We got our magic on at Disneyland, rocking thematically consistent Light Sabers while taking advantage of the parks’ 60th Anniversary decor before heading to a nearby arboretum to catch that soft afternoon light. I also discovered that Andy is quite the tinkerer…metalcraft, woodworking, and all things cool.

Methinks we should build a boat.

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