Excited for 2016–First Shot of the New Year

3:17 PM

Nerding-hard in all things life…
I'm 30, yet my fascination with the world is not all that different from that of a 10 year old. Only difference is, I'm in a position to make something of it.
In career, my SimplyTwo Photography clients are great because their trust in my vision frees me to push personal limits on what I think is possible. In the everyday, my wife Cindy let's me be me, and embraces the daily flood of strange new ideas and musings which occupy my attention.
I'm in a place now where the creative decisions in work + life are guided by a rather simple concept: do cool stuff, constantly.
SimplyTwo Photography 2016
(Above) 12:01am from my last wedding of 2015. The stars were out and lasers graced the sky. I combined specific disciplines from landscape photography and portraiture to make this happen...worth the frostbite!

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