A Day in South Bay with Amy & John!–The Wedding Day Creatives

1:36 PM

Been looking forward to shooting this wedding all friggin’ year. There really isn’t much to say outside of the fact that they’re two downright wonderful people who are able to see and enjoy the fun in everything. As an artist nothing makes the experience more worthwhile than a collaborative environment fostered by rockstar clients. Nonstop, we toured the Southbay…owning the oceanside bluff where the two shared their vows before making short work atop the highest hill in Long Beach!
Acknowledging my duty to nerd-out as hard as possible, I sought to take advantage of a visual parallel between their Entourage and George Seurat’s 1884 painting. Something about the space just felt right and I’m glad the crew was down to play art. Full disclosure: I’m not super well-versed in the world of fine art. I actually learned about the painting from binge watching Family Guy. So yeah, there’s that =)
My favorite shots were found just shy of dusk as the sun dipped behind my couple, giving off that soft SoCal glow you can only get in this part of the world.
Amy and John, thank you so much for having me around. Hope you enjoy these shots…there’s a bit more to polish up so I guess it’s time for me to get back to work!
-John Y

A review by Amy & John:

It's true what they say about weddings... "If there's one thing you splurge on, make sure you're happy with your wedding photos." Without a doubt, we knew John Yao would have us covered the moment we chose him to be our wedding photographer.

John has an eye for angles, lighting and backdrops. He knows his locations well and is able to work in almost any environment. He makes pictures look flawless through a lens. He suggested a great location for us to snap some sunset shots before our reception that turned out magical. When my husband and I saw some of the highlighted pictures John featured on his blog, we couldn't stop looking at them. Each one was near perfection and our wedding party loved the photos.

John's got a positive spirit about him. He's down-to-earth, easy to work with and yes... a dog-lover. Some photographers give a unique vibe where it may be uncomfortable as you shoot photos throughout the day... But not John. He makes it feel like you've known him forever. We knew that was important and wanted to be comfortable with our photographer.

John earned our trust from the get go. He was very quick to respond to our emails, text messages and phone calls. There's something about a quick response that builds reliability and trust. He made us feel comfortable each step of the way leading up to the wedding and the day of. On the day of our wedding, John showed up earlier than the time he said he would and stayed until the very end with us. This is something I appreciate because it shows he really cares about his work and not about watching the clock. He sent us a preview photo 2 days after the wedding and we were featured on his blog 4 days after. His quick ability to develop, edit and post highlighted photos from our wedding kept us on our "wedding high" for days.

Thank you John for capturing our special day in the South Bay!

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