A Day in SF with Annie & Chris

2:02 PM

This is a really cool session. A few months ago I took a daytrip to San Franciscso and knocked out a ‘freestyle’ engagement shoot with Annie and Chris; the only thing planned was to roam the city at random…and the results were beautiful.

What we ended up with was a landscape-strong set of photos featuring NorCal’s finest urban backdrops - in the least touristy way possible! Our afternoon visit to Treasure Island and Golden Gate Park highlighted the day’s exceptional clarity. And when paired to an equally stunning sunset w/ hue-shifting segmented clouds…it definitely worth of freaking out over!

Though our race to dusk was great, we weren’t quite done yet. Our final stop featured light-speckled night shots along the Embarcadero. In order to really get those city lights to show through, we attempted these well after sunset. I appreciated Annie and Chris for trusting me on this one; in person it was kinda pitch black but camera hacks made the final shots possible lol.

I nerd for sessions like these; let’s keep ‘em coming.

Annie and Chris, your wedding is going to be a treat to shoot…super looking forward to it =)

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