Tour of Seattle Engagement Session – Linh & Ian!

2:41 PM


Linh & Ian, SF: Hey John let’s meet in Seattle and base our engagement session entirely in the Pacific Northwest!*
John, LA: k, see you there.**
And it was decided…we’d fly up from our respective towns, meet at SeaTac Airport, and bus into the city for a weekend shoot in Downtown Seattle. After settling into our cozy Air BnB flat, we hit the ground running. Imagine three kids in the city with no plan or direction, just finding cool stuff and upping our tourist game. Exploring spaces and finding gorgeous shots are what keep me in this hustle. It’s about doing stuff that’s different, personally exciting, and pushing the edge of my photography comforts. For Linh and Ian’s shoot, my goal was to re-interpret classically popular hotspots as a foreigner and hopefully come up with something cool at the end of it all.

To start, we approached the Space Needle up close ground-level during the day and again at night, but this time miles away at Kerry Park. Catching both an empty and crowded view of Pike’s Market on Pine proved to be an interesting challenge: for some shots I wanted tons of people in image cuz after all we ARE in a busy marketplace…but for others the absolute absence of crowds imparted a rare, even beautiful quietness, often missed by tourists in passing. As the vendor stands closed down for the day the otherwise packed fish market corridor made for an ideal spot to linger. Something about the droning hum of vintage neon and industrial effects made the shots visually worthwhile to me. And the whole time, Linh and Ian were being rockstars in their ability to be adorable together no matter where I placed them. A+ goes to these two!
Speaking of being adorable together, my favorite series from the day came about at the pier. Fancily dressed and looking for trouble, Linh and Ian came across a wonderful street performer who lent his woodwind skills for their impromptu dusk fueled dance. To add drama to the shot, I included him in the foreground of my twirling couple with the now lit city lights flooding in from behind.
See you two at the wedding; I’ve got high hopes for the shots to come.
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