Redwood Grove – Grace & Tony’s Wedding

2:23 PM

Ladies and gents, I present to you the Redwood Grove… featuring Grace, Tony, and their esteemed guests.

Working with Tony and Grace has been incredible from the very start. As an artist herself, Grace possessed a strong affinity for all things aesthetic and I found myself able to communicate ideas with her on a high level throughout our adventure. As we roamed Berkeley for their engagement session to their wedding day atop of the bay, the creative index remained high and I’m thankful for the shots we pulled off in our short time together!

And while you’re still here can I talk about the venue where they got married? Berkeley’s Redwood Grove? It was a forest. Honestly here in California forests are impossible to find. OMG Trees. I love forests. FORESTS!

K, enough with the tree rant. Tony and Grace thanks for bringing me on board to shoot these photos! Enjoy =)

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Grace & Tony’s Review:

NUTSHELL: HIRE JOHN!! *** This is coming from someone who does a lot of her own photography and was tempted to clone herself and shoot her own wedding. ***

I have been following John's work closely for the last ten years. Being a photographer and artist myself, I have seen a lot of different styles out there, and John's is the only one that stuck with me this long. This is the essence of John's work that truly makes it special: it's clean, elegant, and timeless. You will love his work the first time you see it, but you will love it even more over the coming weeks, months, and years. Some photographers' work dazzles you at first glance but fades away in memory; not so with John's. You will want to look at his photos over and over again for their flawlessly bright colors, brilliant creativity, and authenticity of emotion.

John is a true Artist in every sense of the word, and he knows his craft so well that he accomplishes nothing short of magic. We had the pleasure of doing an all-day engagement shoot with John, and he somehow made a pitch-dark park look like a fairy tale kingdom, just to name one example. John is a wizard with his camera, and my single piece of advice is to trust his vision completely. We printed many of our engagement shoot photos to use at our wedding reception, and our guests loved them so much that a few even stole our photos to take home without our permission! In this age when everyone seems to have nice engagement photos, it really attests to the unique quality of John's work that people so desperately wanted to keep those prints.

John is a ninja on the day of the wedding. I seriously can't remember seeing him once during the entire ceremony, but later in our guests' photos, I saw John in practically all of them, working to get the best shots from every corner and angle. He blends seamlessly into your day and makes everything as stress-free as possible. He was worth every penny.

Don't worry about the money. You won't regret it.

- Grace & Tony

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