Bowers Museum Wedding Photographer – Grace & Ryan

1:30 PM

Grace and Ryan, one of these days you gotta tell me your secret: How are you guys so cool?!
After spending the day with these two for their Westside engagement session, I couldn’t wait to see them again for the wedding. I just knew it was going to be great. An incredibly rad couple, their up-for-anything attitude and trust in my creative process freed me to really consider the shots and take full advantage of the photo potential in front of us. Few locations in Southern California are comparable to Bowers Museum. The space in it’s entirety is well thought out and lends itself to near effortless pictures. The natural lighting there is just.that.good~
Together with their entourage, they were a group that understood the fundamentals of being awesome and reciprocated 1 for 1, their enthusiasm to my ideas. I love it when people are willing to get crazy together. It’s beautiful, unrehearsed, and in all honesty is the kind of memory I’d myself want to recall in 50 years. =)
Grace and Ryan thanks for bringing me on board. No joke, your photos were as enjoyable to edit as they were to shoot. More where these came from!
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When Ryan and Grace reviewed their SimplyTwo experience via WeddingWire:
You've already seen the his work; it's elegant, unique, and downright awesome. Now you're trying to decide, can my photos come out like that, and what's the experience going to be like?
1) I'm awkward and am not a model, what can John possibly do to make it look natural?
This is his kicker and what makes him special, divulged early just in case you don't read-on. It's his personality. He's the type of guy that anyone can get along with and act natural around. He uses what the couple enjoys most and their individual chemistry to capture moments that are fun, intimate, and crazy all at once. While you're hanging out with your boo, doing what you do everyday...enjoying each others company, he's shooting like mad giving guidance here and there to maximize the shot. This, in addition the care he shows towards his couples and passion he has for the craft will give you photos that are straight up FIRE.
2) I don't like pictures and have no ideas
He's as hands on or off as you'd like. Come with a slew of ideas and he'll refine them and execute it to make it work. Come with nothing and you'll feel safe and secure knowing he has the experience to exceed your expectations. A completely tailored experience.
3) Is John going to be all up in our face the day of the wedding obstructing everyone's view?
No, he's definitely very respectful of personal space and incognito. Someone else said he's a ninja. I would also agree and probably add Sasquatch.
4) Creative people like to play it by ear, is he going to be hard to plan and communicate with?
John is laid back and flexible but he's an excellent planner and on point when it comes to communication and response time.
Do yourself a favor and book SimplyTwo. It's the best wedding gift you could give yourself and will take away so much unneeded stress prior to, and the day of your wedding.
Love, Ryan + Grace

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