Yvonne & Martin’s Wedding – Westin Pasadena!

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0002_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photographyToday I’m thrilled to be featuring a handful of favorites from Yvonne and Martin’s incredible wedding in Pasadena! With their ceremony at First United Methodist and dinner reception at the Westin, I really appreciated the visual consistency throughout the Creatives we shot that day. Staying true to the strong architectural forms of nearby City Hall and the church’s Gothic influences, I found myself drawn to all the naturally-lit stone hallways as my backdrop of choice. Yvonne and Martin, experts at being adorable in front of the camera, were an absolute pleasure to work with and super supportive throughout the entire day (esp in light of me having a few lenses stolen during the first look). Momentarily crestfallen aside, I’m proud to say we pulled off a strong body of work with the entire wedding party and I cant wait for them to see the entire set!
Yvonne and Martin, you two are awesome. Thanks for the adventure =)
0001_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0003_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0004_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0005_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0006_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0007_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0008_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0009_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0010_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0011_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0012_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0013_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0014_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0015_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0016_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0017_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0018_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0019_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0020_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0021_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0022_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0023_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0024_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0025_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0026_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0027_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0028_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0029_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0030_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0031_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0032_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0033_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0034_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0035_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0036_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0037_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0038_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0039_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography 0040_westin-pasadena-wedding_simplytwo-photography
Yvonne & Martin’s Review on WeddingWire:
Do it! You know you want him!
Despite the drought here in California, all the momentous events of our relationship seem to be associated with a little sprinkle, starting from our very first date. This has been quite unfortunate for 2 people who hate getting wet. After all, who doesn't enjoy blue skies and sunshine?
That being said, I am so glad John Yao talked us into doing our engagement session in the rain. We had such a great experience with John and his flip flops, yes, flip flops, out hiking Eaton Canyon and downtown LA through an intermittent down pour. He was personable and made us feel at ease the entire time. Our photos turned out even better than we expected. It was exactly as he said, the rain brings out all the colors and reflections that you can't capture otherwise.
The day of the wedding was also wonderful. John was so professional and prompt. He kept shooting even though some of his camera lenses were stolen halfway through the day. All my friends and family were impressed with the photos. I could not be happier with him as our photographer and would recommend him 100%.
Thanks, John!
Yvonne and Martin :)

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