Weekend in LA – Angie & Rob’s Engagement Session

12:17 PM

Angie and Rob are two very cool people. I met them a few years ago during a trip to Arizona; it was a weekend of intense Monopoly Deal with a bit of Chino Bandido mixed in. Keeping in touch over the years, I was extremely excited to learn of their engagement and honored to be chosen as their wedding photographer! For their engagement session, Angie and Rob came out to visit us in LA and we made a weekend out of it…shooting throughout valley and finishing the day-long session with some super delicious Korean BBQ. As for the shoot itself, we started about an hour before sundown when the lighting was 100% perfect and explored till well past dusk. I really wanted to put together a set that was distinct from the AZ landscape (since the wedding will be there anyways), and was quite pleased with the resulting shots: lush and green, complete with a dash of city lights against the sweeping sides of our metallic concert hall. It was fun to play around with different angles this time around – a classic space with a fresh perspective!

Very excited for round two, Angie and Rob! Plz bring your pets to the wedding, thx~

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