Arcadia Arboretum Engagement Session – Hannah & Dave

1:08 PM

There are few things more fun than a carefree afternoon engagement shoot. For Hannah and Dave’s session we hit up Arcadias’ famed arboretum just a few hours before sundown to take advantage of the soft afternoon light. To my surprise the park was nearly empty that day… the open lawn, the bamboo thicket, all the tree-lined walkways, empty! It’s a huge win to avoid large crowds and people stepping into all the shots! =)

Though it was my first time meeting the couple, I instantly fell in love with their chill nature and open approach to the session. We had a few locations picked out and that was pretty much it for the planning! The rest of the afternoon? Spent exploring cool places and being randomly creative! This allowed me to ideate without reservation, eagerly anticipating the next turned-corner for a fresh idea. Being in front of the camera isn't easy, but for their first photo shoot ever I think they did quite excellently! My favorite picture of the day was in Downtown LA; Hannah and Dave being in love with all the cars and random people blurring past them.

Looking forward to the wedding for round two! See you kids very soon~


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