A Wedding on the Water – Happy Pi Day: CC & Jun!

12:20 AM

What’s the most unique venue you’ve ever shot at? <---- A question I’m often asked but never have a clear answer for, until now. While all locations are inherently different and therefore unique, I’ve always wanted to shoot in a space that necessarily challenges the artist. Tasking him to make the most of each angle but also rewarding him with a series of once-in-a-moment photos. It’s a rush; and in the art world, it’s what we live for. =)

And so, with great great excitement, I present to you CC and Jun’s Pi-day wedding in Newport Beach: on a boat, constantly in motion, and on the hottest weekend this spring! We set sail around noon and spent the day circling the harbor. Though scorching hot, the persistent wind kept things manageable while the open bar kept everyone nicely hydrated. CC & Jun’s entire wedding and reception took place on the ship, complete with a choreographed flashmob dance to the grooms surprise and the bouquet + garter toss out front on the bow! Their guests, friends, and entourage were all incredibly fun to hang out with and we managed to pull off a huge variety of shots on Electra’s  hundred foot vessel. 

Photography is all about finding good lighting wherever you're at and making it work for you, knowing that even the most subtle shift in angle can make or break a shot. And it’s that which brings me to what I loved most about the shoot; the good light was continuously moving so we couldn't stay in one spot for too long! Game-on sun, who doesn't like a good chase?

Congrats again CC and Jun. Happy 3.14!

0001_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0002_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0003_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0004_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0005_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0006_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0007_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0008_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0009_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0010_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0011_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0012_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0013_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0014_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0015_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0016_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0017_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0018_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0019_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0020_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0021_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0022_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0023_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0024_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0025_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0026_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0027_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0028_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0029_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0030_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0031_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0032_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0033_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0034_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0035_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0036_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0037_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0038_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0039_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0040_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography

0041_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0042_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0043_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0044_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0045_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0046_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0047_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0048_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0049_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0050_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0051_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0052_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0053_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0054_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0055_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0056_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0057_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0058_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0059_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0060_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0061_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0062_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0063_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0064_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0065_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0066_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography 0067_wedding-at-sea_simplytwo-photography

CC & Jun’s awesome review of SimplyTwo on WeddingWire!!!

“How John Amazed Us:

1) Mastering light - John can see the unseen and shoot beyond the world in front of us. It was 10pm, so dark we couldn’t see our feet, but John assured us that the brown building behind us will look great in the crappy street lights. I gave him my crazy person eye stare, but secretly trusted him. Yup, it mysteriously lit up like the white house. I soon realized that John was so one with his camera, he had the darkness under control. Despite horrible lighting conditions, our night photos were incredible. What you see is not what you get, it’s better. I once made the mistake of asking him why he didn't have a fancy umbrella thingy, to which he politely answered that as long as you understand the science of light, you don't need tools to manipulate it. The force is strong with this one.
2) Committing to his work - Speaking of late night photos, John spent ALL DAY with us on our engagement shoot. I greedily wanted to hit up 6 locations but was ready to give up on at least 2. Nope. Got all 6! Our wedding venue was a challenge, it was a yacht at noon; harsh sun, moving vessel, constant changes, confined spaces, yay! My wedding coordinator suggested that John meet up with her to go over scenic places and the nooks and crannies of the yacht. He got on the next appointment and knew the yacht inside & out. WHO DOES THAT!?!? This is going beyond the call of duty.

3) Capturing real moments - My wedding day went by so fast I felt like I missed out on the important details. Thank God John was there because he caught what we missed. John was also the reason why we did not get a videographer because there would have been split seconds of awesomeness that the video would have zoomed past; tiny, stolen glances, awkward and crazy poses of the garter catch, and the way your sweet old dad looks at you from afar as you embrace your husband. I missed those moments, and i even missed them on the home videos, but I found them in John's photos. “ – CC & Jun

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