Lush Gardens and Citytop Views – Erinn & Jonathan’s Tour of LA Engagement Session!

2:06 PM

I’m a big fan of keeping things fresh and interesting. And when it comes to location choices; it’s constantly on my mind. That’s why Erinn and Jonathan’s engagement session was so special to plan, shoot, and edit. We visited some much-loved but less frequented landmarks so each place felt like a new world of interesting possibilities! It never ceases to amaze how differences in season, time of day, and local weather can completely change the look and feel of a venue; exploring this with Erinn and Jonathan could not have been more fun! My favorite series of the day was actually at the Disney Concert Hall; we hit up a corner I usually gloss over without giving a second thought but instead found an awesome balcony-esque view of the city! And for a unique final result, I used a large-format shooting method to give the impression of a wide angled shot while still holding onto that sexy blur of background city lights! These shoots…they last a few hours but they go by so fast it’s not even fair.

Very much looking forward to this weekend you two, time to get married! =)

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