Golden Gate Club Wedding Photographer – Wendy & Jerry!

11:00 AM

When I think back to all the things that bring uniqueness to a wedding, specifics come to mind such as the venue, decor, food, and visual subtleties the bride and groom carefully put into place. But then I dig a little deeper and ask myself again, ‘What really makes a wedding unique?’ In its beautiful simplicity the answer hits me; the people! Everything else, as exciting and delicious and wondrous they are, merely serve as icing on the cake. =)

While it’s true that the average wedding takes about a year to meticulously plan out, what we often glance over are the friendships, memories, and unique bonds of all the people that are making that wedding possible. That stuff takes forever!

I say all this because earlier this year I flew up to San Francisco for Jerry and Wendy’s wedding where Jerry’s best man and groomsmen were kind enough to pick me up. In the time it took to drive from the airport to the rehearsal I was immersed in story after story of their adventures and could tell there was some hallowed history at play. And with each additional VIP stepping into the room that day it was clear; this is a tight knit group and rain or shine…this wedding is going to awesome.

We spent the day at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Club, taking advantage of all the lush greenery and unique elements of the historic venue. A moment that stood out to me was during the prep shots when all groomsmen decided it would be a good idea to rock facemasks and nose strips – the resulting images were hilarious to say the least, and perfectly demonstrated the bro-like complexities of lifelong friendships. Despite the rain, Wendy and Jerry were hardly phased, remaining enthusiastic throughout the shoot and managed to pull off quite the varietous set!

Congrats you two! Thanks so much for letting me in on your adventure. It’s been good!


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