Sunsets, City, and Pie - Touring San Diego with CC and Jun!

1:36 PM


Fun Ideas.

Having fun with those ideas.

Dear friends and readers, the above pretty much sums up how I’ve always approached the creative planning aspect of my shoots and CC & Jun’s engagement session turned out to be the perfect example of this! =)

It all started with a rational interpretation of the irrational Pi, or 3.14, or as we’ve seen in textbooks: π – which also happens to be their wedding date! Now here’s where things get a little crazy…Pi sounds a lot like Pie, which is delicious – and that is fact. So we kicked off the shoot by carefully merging the sweet with the science. How, you ask? Well that part is simple – you take a highly compressed piece of shaped Carbon (the engagement ring) and suspend it upright in a dense composite of sugar, starch, and naturally occurring flora (a fruit pie). We’ve got the results below and it made for a pretty cool Save-the-date on the couples’ wedding website!

Now that we’ve got our minds working a bit, let’s visit some other ideas for the shoot. CC & Jun met, live, and work in San Diego so it made sense for me to travel down and spend the day exploring their favorite significant locations and visual themes. They love natural landscapes, hiking trails, and the ocean but also appreciate San Diego’s gorgeous skyline at night. In between those two, we also wanted to work in their first date at Tapex, CC’s love for stuffed animals, and pay a visit to Balboa’s legendary park. Let’s see how we did…

0001_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0002_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0003_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0004_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0005_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0006_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0007_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0008_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0009_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0010_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0011_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0012_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0013_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0014_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0015_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0016_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0017_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0018_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0019_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0020_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0021_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0022_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0023_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0024_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0025_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0026_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0027_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0028_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0029_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0030_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0031_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0032_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0033_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0034_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0035_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography 0036_san-diego-balboa-engagement session_simplytwo-photography

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