Orange County Wedding Photographer – Carolyn & Kenny’s Wedding

10:49 PM

Blue skies, gorgeous light, and a bottomless boba bar…just a few of the many fond memories that come to mind when I think of Carolyn & Kenny’s wedding day. From the very beginning, Carolyn and Kenny were open to new ideas and unique picture locations. This was true for their engagement session and doubly true for their wedding day, where we did an entire Creative set at a small park just minutes from their pad in Irvine; a cypress lined walkway complete vine covered arches and plenty of glorious shade gave way to a series of pretty sweet shots. I loved the goofy and up-for-anything attitude of their wedding party which definitely elevated the entire session experience!

Their vibrantly up-lit ceremony and reception went down at S Fine Dining where they rocked a fully hosted boba bar to wash down the dozens of cupcakes we each consumed. If I had to call it though, my favorite moment of the day was no doubt the bride n groom’s karaoke performance of Owl & Carly’s Good Time; a whimsical setting-of-tone for the evening while closing out a fantastically fun wedding day. =)

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0041_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0042_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0043_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0044_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0045_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0046_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0047_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0048_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0049_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0050_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0051_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0052_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0053_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0054_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0055_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0056_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0057_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0058_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0059_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0060_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0061_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0062_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0063_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0064_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0065_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0066_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography 0067_carolyn&kenny_simplytwo-photography  A incredible review from Carolyn & Kenny via WeddingWire!

John Yao of SimplyTwo Photography is a man of respectable talent. Having been an avid follower of his work for many years, I knew that his calendar fills up quickly so I booked him months before I even got engaged (without telling my fiancé!).

My fiancé and I were very nervous for our engagement session but with John’s guidance, we warmed up and started to feel more comfortable and at ease so our shots became more natural. We spent the whole day shooting in different locations and we were both amazed at how much fun we were having. It felt like we were hanging out with an old-time friend. One thing I've learned during the shoot is that John possesses an ability to capture raw, brilliant shots. He'd show us the most recent shot on his camera screen and it would blow our minds. He has a keen eye that can find beauty in the most ordinary spaces (like making a playground look like a backdrop in Napa) and his composition skills are exceptional. As an artist, he is always pushing his limits and continually experimenting. That's mainly the reason why all of his sets are unique to his clients no matter how many times he's shot those same locations.

John has a very relaxed personality about him and his motto is that not only is he your photographer, but also your friend, and I couldn't agree more. On our wedding day, John arrived early to scout the area for the best locations (something I had not expected but nevertheless appreciated!). He brought with him a kind and lighthearted demeanor that made our wedding party feel very relaxed. But he also had a sense of professionalism that kept us on schedule. He was on top of everything!

Our family and friends have complimented us tremendously on our photos. We know that hiring John was the best decision we made for our wedding. Without hesitation, we give John our highest regard and recommendation. You will not be disappointed!

-Carolyn & Kenny

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