Blue Skies, Flying Kites, and Totoro! – Melissa & Kenny’s Engagement Session

12:59 PM

The uncharacteristically clear skyline and soft afternoon sun made Griffith Observatory the perfect spot for Melissa and Kenny’s engagement session. The best photo shoots are those which play off of my couples’ favorite things so I was thrilled to see Melissa and Kenny bring along their favorite neighbor Totoro + complementary ladybug kite! To kick off the shoot we setup a trio of washi paper lanterns right in front of the rapidly setting sun; our hope was to catch a sunburst through the leaves – I’m seriously in love with that effect right now. And as the wind started picking up, we went uphill to unleash one of the largest ladybugs in existence – it had 7 spots too which pretty much guarantees good luck, right?!

We then wandered around the Griffith campus and got some sweet wide angle shots with the city subtly in the background before finishing off the series with night shots in a completely different outfit. It’s quite amazing how much detail and light can still be captured well after sundown…and since I’m not a huge fan of flash, half the fun is in finding the light and making it gorgeous!

Really looking forward to this weekend; I’ve known Melissa since our college days and am honored she and Kenny brought me on board to handle their photos =)

0006_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography0001_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0002_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0003_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0004_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0005_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography  totoro_engagement-session-prop 0008_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0009_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0010_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0011_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0012_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0013_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0014_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0015_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0016_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0017_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography 0018_griffith-observatory-engagement-photos-totoro_simplytwo-photography

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