Seascape Resort Wedding Photographer – Alyssa & Jeff

12:48 PM

Today I present to you highlights from Alyssa & Jeff’s wedding at the Seascape Resort! Their sunny outdoor ceremony was complemented perfectly by a fully hosted boba bar to help guests beat the heat – amazing on so many levels.

Thinking back to that day, my favorite part was the sunset Creatives at the beach. There was something special about the elevation or maybe it was the incoming fog…but it gave us remarkable silhouettes against the deep orange sky. The clean contrast sharply pronounced the outline of the wedding party better than I could have expected; so we had to have some fun with it…playing off of Alyssa & Jeff’s shared affinity of videogames with a homage to Capcom’s epic Street Fighter game =)

An awesome mix of goofy fun and a teeny bit of serious…after all, it is a wedding!

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Thank you for your wonderful review of SimplyTwo via WeddingWire:

Before I started any wedding planning, I knew photography was the main item I wanted to splurge on. Memories get fuzzy after a while, great pictures will last forever! After much research, I went with John- and I'm extremely glad I did. The reason I chose to go with SimplyTwo is pretty simple: a lot of wedding photographers I looked at have photos where the couples are placed in awkward positions, and a lot of "candid" ones seem very staged and not natural. In all of John's photos, the couples look relax, shots look natural, and he captures the happiness and love beautifully.

John was very responsive- from the first email we sent, to scheduling our engagement shoot (because of bad weather conditions, he took the time to do our shoot the weekend before his own wedding!), and to the wedding day itself. He was able to answer all our questions and listened to all our suggestions. I'm not a very creative person when it comes to posing for pictures, and was worried about the engagement shoot. John gave us a few pointers at the beginning and put us at ease, and we can definitely feel it get easier by moment. Within a week, we had a handful of edited previews to share with family and friends, which was awesome!

On the wedding day itself, he was with our wedding party the whole day. Both bridesmaids and groomsmen enjoyed hanging out with him. He's cracking jokes and making conversation during down time, and all business and professionalism when it's go time. He was on top of everything, and definitely took the reins very well when it came to directing both shots and people.

One awesome power (among many) that John possesses is the ability to find a location I wouldn't glance at twice, and manage to get beautiful pictures out of it. He also utilizes lighting extremely well. He is full of tons creative ideas too!

If you can budget it, I would highly recommend going with SimplyTwo!

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