Waterfront Hilton Wedding Photographer – Ann & Pier

2:13 PM

There’s a time for serious and a time for fun. Ann & Pier are of the few who are capable of gracing those two worlds. After spending some time with them for the engagement session and wedding…I’ve come to appreciate Ann & Pier’s ability to have goofy fun ALL the time! =)

Immediately after the ceremony we had some time to spend on Creatives and happened to come across a small carnival being setup next door. We asked to roam the grounds and ended up capturing their just-married-joy to a sea of brightly colored decor. Another series of photos I particularly enjoyed was on the penthouse balcony following their tea ceremony. At the Waterfront Resort with the sun just setting, we would have totally missed this series had we promptly headed downstairs for the reception – good thing we stayed! Capturing the subtle glow of a rapidly disappearing sunset is hit or miss, so I was incredibly glad we got a few shots in before the sky turned dark =)

Ann and Pier, I’m so happy I got to shoot for the two of you. Hope you’re enjoying all the photos and I cant wait to hang out with you guys again some time!

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0041_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0042_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0043_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0044_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0045_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0046_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0047_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0048_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0049_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0050_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0051_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0052_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0053_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography 0054_waterfront_hilton_wedding_simplytwo-photography

Ann & Pier’s Review of SimplyTwo via WeddingWire:

John was sooo much fun to work with. We definitely made the right choice in investing in a good photographer. For the brides who are still searching for the perfect photographer, your search ends here. He is amazing!!!

Our engagement and wedding photos were absolute perfection. John really has the "eye" for photography and always manages to get the best angles and shots. We spent an entire day with him for our engagement shoot starting at our condo in Anaheim to San Juan Capistrano to Dana Point to Laguna Beach to Fullerton. His energy, willingness to go along with all our ideas and laid back personality made the day so much fun. It felt like we were doing a day trip around Orange County chillaxing with John. We had coordinated a list of shots I had wanted for our wedding day and John captured everything we asked for. He was punctual and always responsive to questions we had. My whole wedding party felt at ease with him right away and they all enjoyed taking pictures with him.

After looking at all my engagement and wedding shots, I can honestly say there is not one picture that I dislike. Our biggest challenge was picking the ones we wanted to print and make into a book since every shot was awesome. All of our friends and family love the pictures and praised John for his attention to detail. Their first reaction to the pictures was usually "WOW!!!" When comparing my pictures to friends who hired less expensive photographers, you can totally tell the difference in the quality and shots that you get. Yes its definitely an investment to have John as your photographer but he's worth every penny! Pictures last a lifetime and I'm sooooo happy we were able to have John capture our special moment. I highly recommend SimplyTwo!!!

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