Boba, Pinwheels, and Los Angeles – Carolyn & Kenny’s Engagement Session!

1:34 PM

This weekend I get to shoot Carolyn & Kenny’s wedding and I could not be more excited! I met them for the first time during their engagement session and instantly I knew we’d get along; they love boba, gaming, and good food – pretty much everything one needs, right?

To keep things interesting, Carolyn and Kenny brought their own set of props and we spent the afternoon trying to cleverly work them into the photos while shooting all over town. That day, for whatever reason, I really wanted to explore creative-depth and background blur so it was especially rewarding when we managed to get a shot featuring Carolyn’s ring balanced on a pinwheel WITH the two of them being adorable in the background. Something about the clarity of the ring/pinwheel against the subtle blur made it a standout during the editing!

I will say though, of all the locations and sets we shot that day, my personal favorites are still the nighttime shots we hustled at 10PM! Having combed through my work before reaching out to me, Carolyn and Kenny knew they wanted series of shots featuring LA’s gorgeous skyline…but it had to be at night – a request that is music to my ears.

Carolyn and Kenny, if you’re reading this, good job being awesome.  Let’s get some tea.

engagement-session-pinwheel-ring-prop engagement-session-green-prop 0003_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography engagement-session-los-angeles-night-skyline 0005_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography 0006_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography 0007_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography boba engagement session boba milk tea engagement session creative props engagement pictures 0011_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography 0012_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography 0013_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography pretty bridges-engagement session locations 0015_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography engagement-session-bridges-night 0017_engagement-session_simplytwo-photography engagement-session-bridges-night engagement-session-los-angeles-night engagement-session-los-angeles-night engagement-session-los-angeles-night

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