Soka University Wedding Photographer – Christin & Tam!

12:23 AM

Christin and Tam’s wedding day…what an incredibly fun shoot! We spent most of the day at Soka University and I could not have been more excited to take advantage of the space. Before the ceremony we knocked out an awesome creative set with the Entourage in front of the campus lake. Shooting around high noon I had to be careful with the intense sunlight but all was good and we ended up with a vibrant series of shots with tons of natural contrast. I especially appreciated Christin and Tam’s white dove release after their vows where the secret goal was to capture as many birds in one frame as possible. =)

Christin and Tam are definitely my kind of couple, possessing an affinity for creativity and a deep trust in the process. Around sunset we made our way up to the top of the hill to catch the light-rays against the residual canyon fog. This was awesome…but also a bit fleeting as the sun was rapidly disappearing so we had to work ultra fast. I remember during that segment an overwhelming feeling of appreciation towards them for their willingness to brave the darkening sky and happily shoot with me during their cocktail hour.

Photography is fun.

soka-university-wedding-sunburst_0001 soka-university-wedding_0002 soka-university-night-wedding_0003 soka-university-wedding-lake_0004 soka-night-wedding-photos_0005 soka-university-wedding_0006 wedding-rings-photography_0007 creative-wedding-ring-photos_0008 soka-wedding-bouquet_0009 soka-university-wedding_0010 soka-university-wedding_0011 soka-university-wedding_0012 soka-university-wedding_0013 soka-university-wedding_0014 soka-wedding-first look_0015 soka-wedding-firstlook_0016 soka-university-wedding_0017 soka-university-wedding_0018 soka-university-wedding_0019 soka-university-wedding_0020 soka-university-wedding_0021 soka-university-wedding_0022 soka-university-wedding_0023 soka-university-wedding_0024 soka-university-wedding-sunset_0025 soka-university-wedding_0026 soka-university-wedding_0027 soka-university-wedding_0028 soka-wedding-bridesmaids_0029 soka-wedding-groomsmen_0030 soka-wedding-bridesmaids-portraits_0031 soka-wedding-groomsmen-portraits_0032 soka-wedding-bridesmaids-parasols_0033 soka-university-wedding_0034 soka-university-wedding_0035 soka-university-wedding_0036 soka-university-wedding_0037 soka-university-wedding_0038 soka-university-wedding_0039 soka-university-wedding_0040

soka-university-wedding_0041 soka-university-wedding_0042 wedding-ringbearers_0043 soka-wedding-ringbearers_0044 soka-wedding-flower-girls_0045 soka-university-wedding-flower-girls_0046 soka-university-wedding_0047 soka-university-wedding_0048 soka-university-wedding_0049 soka-university-wedding_0050 soka-university-wedding_0051 soka-university-wedding_0052 soka-university-wedding_0053 soka-university-wedding_0054 soka-university-wedding_0055 soka-university-wedding_0056 soka-university-wedding_0057 soka-university-wedding_0058 soka-university-wedding_0059 soka-university-wedding_0060 white-dove-wedding-simplytwo soka-university-wedding_0062 soka-university-wedding_0063 soka-university-wedding_0064 soka-wedding_decor_0065 soka-wedding-namecards_0066 soka-university-wedding_0067 soka-wedding-centerpieces_0068 soka-university-wedding_0069 soka-university-wedding-decor_0070 soka-university-wedding-decorations_0071 soka-university-wedding_0072 soka-university-wedding_0073 soka-university-wedding_0074 soka-wedding-first-dance_0075 soka-university-wedding_0076 soka-university-wedding_0077 soka-university-wedding_0078 soka-university-wedding_0079 soka-university-wedding_0080

soka-university-wedding_0081 soka-university-wedding_0082 soka-university-wedding_0083 soka-university-wedding_0084 soka-university-wedding_0085 soka-university-wedding_0086 soka-university-wedding_0087 soka-university-wedding_0088 soka-university-wedding_0089 soka-university-wedding_0090 soka-university-wedding_0091 soka-university-wedding_0092 soka-university-wedding_0093 soka-university-wedding_0094 soka-university-wedding_0095 soka-university-wedding_0096 soka-university-wedding_0097 soka-university-wedding_0098 soka-university-wedding_0099 soka-university-wedding_0100 soka-university-wedding_0101 soka-university-wedding_0102 soka-university-wedding_0103 soka-university-wedding_0104 soka-university-wedding_0105 soka-university-wedding_0106 soka-university-wedding_0107

An incredibly encouraging review from Christin and Tam:

I heard about SimplyTwo through my friend. She told me this photographer gets booked up fast! So I looked through John's portfolio and I was very impressed. He even shoots for wedding magazines - wow! I was very happy he was available on our wedding day. He replied to our inquiry the same day and every email thereafter, he responded quickly. John was flexible as well. He worked with us to customize a package to fit our needs. It was more than what I originally wanted to spend, but wedding photos are worth the investment. They stay with you forever! 

On the big day, we had so much fun with John. He was personable and professional. We could tell he's an expert at what he does. He knew if the lighting was too harsh, he guided us to be natural in our poses and I think he helped out our videographer too! So far we have only seen some photos on his camera display and a couple on Facebook and they are just breathtaking. We can't wait to see all the pictures!

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