Tour of LA: Descanso to Venice, Wall-E & UCLA – Betty & Rob

12:25 PM

Planning Betty & Rob’s engagement session was almost as fun as the shoot itself! Being already very creative people, they brought up a lot of ideas and I couldn't wait to make it all happen. We kicked off the day at Descanso gardens where it all began…the spot where Rob proposed to Betty. The entire site is flush with tree-lined pathways, water features, and interesting blends of construct/nature. With the light moving west, we migrated west to explore Venice and the pier’s carnivalesque theme before hitting the beach for night shots and crashing waves. The subtle glow of the iconic ferris-wheel radiating through the marine fog was stunning…and always different every time I see it!

We staged the finale of their session atop UCLA’s steps where massive sparklers were employed and many pictures were doodled in the night sky. Light-painting is just too much fun and I totally wouldn't mind doing it all the time. The possibilities: endless!

Betty and Rob…awesome day together; I’m looking forward to this weekend =)

0001_descanso-gardens-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0002_venice-canals-engagement-wall-e_SimplyTwoPhotography

(Above) Playing with props is fun and I encourage my couples to always bring stuff along to the shoot. I’m always waiting for when the perfect opportunity presents itself to combine everything into one awesome shot!

0003_descanso-gardens-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0004_descanso-gardens-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0005_santa-monica-pier-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0006_descanso-gardens-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0007_santa-monica-pier-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0008_santa-monica-pier-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0009_descanso-gardens-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0010_descanso-gardens-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0011_descanso-gardens-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0012_venice-canals-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 0013_venice-canals-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 0014_venice-canals-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 0015_venice-canals-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 0016_venice-canals-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 0017_santa-monica-pier-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0018_santa-monica-pier-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0019_santa-monica-pier-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0020_santa-monica-pier-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 0021_light-painting-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 0022_painting-with-light-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 0023_painting-with-light-heart_SimplyTwoPhotography 0024_painting-with-light-save-the-date_SimplyTwoPhotography

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