Alyssa & Jeff’s Bruintastic Engagement Session!

12:58 PM

Q: Do you know how tough it is to climb onto a 6 foot bear?

A: Very.

But these two did it like champions…and that’s why I’m extra extra proud to show off Alyssa and Jeff’s engagement session shot entirely at UCLA! There’s a specific fondness to historically significant locations, and when it’s a place that two people meet, grow together, and decide it’s for the long run – there's something extremely rad about that. =)

Alyssa and Jeff, I’ll see you two this weekend. Can’t wait for the shoot!



ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0003 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0004 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0005 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0006 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0007 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0008 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0009 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0010 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0011 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0012 ucla-engagement-shoot_simplytwo_0013

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