ALL IN – Tracy & Eric’s Engagement Session

1:05 PM

A stroll through downtown, a walk on the beach, and a head-to-head card game. Ladies and gentlemen, today I present Tracy and Eric’s engagement session!

For their session we really wanted to capture the classic aesthetics of living in SoCal but also mix it up with images unique to the two of them. When we first spoke they mentioned a specific affinity for Poker so in addition to our visit to open fields and Laguna’s beaches, we captured Eric going all in with pocket kings against Tracy’s aces. It didn't end well for the brother but that's ok! =)

One of my favorite shots from the session involved a game of Indian Poker with an explosion of cards all around them. I wanted to juxtapose the two of them against a uncommon backdrop (for the theme) while playing with depth to give an almost 3D feel. Very very glad the concept worked out!

Super excited for their wedding this weekend…cant wait to hang out with them again and meet their entire crew!!

001_open-field-engagement-photos_SimplyTwoPhotography 002_open-field-engagement-photos_SimplyTwoPhotography 003_open-field-engagement-photos_SimplyTwoPhotography 004_open-field-jumping-photos_SimplyTwoPhotography 005_open-field-engagement-photos_SimplyTwoPhotography 006_piggy-back-ride-engagement_SimplyTwoPhotography 007_downtown-fullerton-engagement-photos_SimplyTwoPhotography 008_poker-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 009_poker-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 010_poker-engagement-session_SimplyTwoPhotography 011_open-field-engagement-photos_SimplyTwoPhotography 012_open-field-engagement-photos_SimplyTwoPhotography 013_beach-engagement-photo_SimplyTwoPhotography 014_beach-sunset-engagement-photo_SimplyTwoPhotography 015_beach-sunset-engagement-photo_SimplyTwoPhotography 016_night-engagement-photo_SimplyTwoPhotography

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