The Newport Coast – Kiki & Aaron’s Engagement Session

1:15 PM

The beach is one of those classically cool locations that I will always love shooting at. When Kiki and Aaron suggested a Newport Coast themed engagement session, three things came to mind: rustic trails, clean open skies, and an unaffected sunset worth waiting for!

For the first part of the session we explored some of the nearby canyons while the sun was still high – this produced a gorgeous rim of light that set my couple apart from the blurred backgrounds for an almost 3D effect. While these were quite fun to do, dusk was approaching and I couldn't wait to get down to the sand to try a new method of beach photography that’s still kinda in development. I’ve been adjusting the camera settings to purposefully blur the crashing waves. When done properly, it gives the viewer an unmistakable impression of flowing water…much like how it actually feels/looks like when you’re ankle-deep at the beach! I’m glad Kiki and Aaron were game and I’m excited to hang out with them again this weekend for their wedding! (we’ll probably avoid soaking the dress in the ocean though…)

Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0076Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0003 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0047 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0048 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0050 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0056 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0064 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0070 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0072 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0075  Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0086 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0099 Kiki&Aaron_SimplyTwoEngagement_0100

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